Customize Sol-Ark to your Grid Down needs
Average Annual (DNI) Sun Hours for your location (5.0 typical) =
Typical Needs # Panels Needed Enter
260W Panels
TV, Laptop 
Desktop PC
CFL & LED lighting per room
Security, Camera System
Freezer or compact Fridge
Fridge full size
Washing Machine (per load)
Coffee Maker (per 12 cups)
Aquaponics pump
Electric blanket
Furnace Fan (Gas heat)
Microwave 800W
High Power Needs
Window Air Conditioner (9000 BTU)
Home Air Conditioner (3 ton 240V) - not cost effective
Electric space heater 1500W
1/2HP 120V Well Pump (slow start up)
Total 260W Solar Panels Estimated =
Total Solar Panels Suggested (max 15) =
Extra Panels (rarely needed) =
Extra Batteries (rarely needed) =
Complete Sol-Ark system
w/ cables for purchased panels & batteries
(batteries & solar panels options below)
Add Lightning & EMP Hardening to Sol-Ark, solar panels, & 15 appliance EMP suppressors
# of Panels
Add 260W Solar Panels - roof or ground mount
Add Built in Solar Panel stands - self storing adjustable angle + wind stakes for 30 min transport. 15% more power.
Add DIY Solar Panel Roof Mounting Hardware - Fastest and Simplest solution for typical roofs
# of Batteries
Add Batteries - Maintenance Free 110AH Sealed AGM
Add Transfer switch easiest way to use home wiring to distribute power
Professional install Estimate: panels, system, transfer switch
Texas 6.25% sales tax
Solar Panel Watts
Total =
$ / total Solar Watts of Generation
Compare to others
Residential 30% Federal Tax Credit
Total Investment after Federal Tax Credit =
Potential Reduction in electric bills over 1st 10 years =
Gas & other Backup Solar Generators cost you $$
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